Equipment Listing

Operating across three workshop facilities, Sharpe operates upwards of 50 pieces of plant, CNC, milling machines, drilling machines, manual lathes and serving equipment. Our equipment is a key part in allowing us to produce our quality precision machined products cost effectively for our customers.

Sharpe’s major pieces of plant and equipment are listed below:

Sharpe run the below CNC Lathes with big bore spindles, hydraulic steadies, live tooling and automated pipe handling systems fitted as appropriate

CNC Lathe Max Turing Diameter (mm) Max Turing Length (mm) Spindle Bore (mm)
Mazak ST-550 910 1,000 275
Mazak PowerMaster N (x2) 1,000 1,200 546
SMEC SL4500CX 620 2,250 181
SMEC PL60L 900 3,200 152
Doosan Puma 280LM 420 1,078 86
Takang LB40x1200 1,000 1,200 368
Haas TL-4 (x2) 890 2,032 280
HAAS SL40 (x2) 648 1,118 185
Mazak M5N 610 2,560 180
Mazak ST-450 620 2,000 260
Mori Seiki SL25-C 388 625 125
Haas TL3b (x4) 762 1,524 230



  • Lehmann lathe 9” through bore manual lathe
  • Multiple Lehmann Manual lathes w/ 12-1/4” hollow spindle with 3000mm between centres and 635mm swing
  • Kingston HK300x760 manual lathe, 760mm diameter x 3000mm max capacity c/w  317mm diameter through spindle bore, taper unit and large capacity steadies
  • Kingston manual Lathe w/ 7” hollow spindle with 3000mm between centres and 762mm Swing
  • Eximus lathe 350mm diameter x 2000mm max capacity Manual lathe
  • National Manual lathe 9” hollow spindle with 3000mm between centres and 800mm Swing
  • Lodge and Shipley Manual lathe 9” hollow spindle (used as drilling machine)
  • Hare and Forbes manual lathe 4” hollow spindle with 1500mm between centres and 560mm Swing
  • Microcut VMC-2100: Vertical CNC machining centre with table capacity 900x2100mm c/w big bore (170mm) 4th axis capability’s max table weight of 2.5t
  • Microcut M1200: Vertical CNC machining centre with table capacity 700x1400mm 4th axis capability’s
  • Microcut M1050: Vertical CNC machining centre with table capacity 600x1200mm 4th axis capability’s
  • Haas VF4B: Vertical machining centre with table capacity 500x1200mm large 4th axis capability’s
  • Hafco manual universal milling machine
  • Ohtori Bed Mill
  • Pressure test unit (digital) 25,000 PSI and 10,000 PSI Analogue
  • 1 x Koomey Unit – BOP control System
  • Pressure test Bunker located in Roma certified to 15,000 PSI, size of 4,000mm x 4,000mm with chart recording capabilities and a range of blanking flanges
  • Pressure test Bunker located in Brisbane certified to 25,000 PSI, size of 6,000mm x 6,000mm with chart recording capabilities and a range of blanking flanges
  • Clincher 11-3/4” Bucking unit w/ WinCatt Torque-Turn monitoring
  • Farr 8-5/8” Bucking unit w/ WinCatt Torque-Turn monitoring
  • Petol Break-out tong and vise  60,000 Ft/Lbs
  • A full range of compliant thread gauges for API and proprietary rotary shoulder connections, casing and tubing thread forms.
  • Gaugemaker MicTrac units  used for calibration and setting of gauging equipment up to 24” diameter.
  • A range of Micrometers, Taper, MRP, lead, thread Height and profile gauges up to 42” diameter.
  • In house MPI/dye penetrant NDE capabilities
  • Optical comparator
  • SIG deep hole drilling machine, See Deep hole Drilling
  • Coffey USA  skid mounted fully self-contained Hard Banding Unit (capacity up to 9”drill collars)
  • Full manganese phosphating capability with multiple electric Phosphate tanks (up to 800x2100mm) and  an auto controlled Drill pipe/collar Phosphate Dipper
  • Bandsaw up to Ø600mm capacity, suitable for up to 12,000mm lengths
  • Electrical Discharge Machining “EDM” machine
  • Stanko Vertical Turret lathe  1400mm swing  x 1000mm height capacity
  • Richards Horizontal Borer. 1200mm x 1200mm table x 8 tonne capacity
  • Hafco Metalmaster Radial Arm drill
  • Invicta Shaping Machine
  • Hafco auto band saw 300mm diameter capacity
  • Amada Band saw 500mm diameter capacity
  • Lincoln welding machine w/ LN 25 wire feeder.
  • Landis Cylindrical grinding machine 2000mm BC 500mm swing
  • 100 Ton hydraulic press
  • HMT Radial Drill
  • Arnold universal milling machine
  • Lincoln Mig welding machine
  • Petol Break-out tong and Vise 60,000 Ft/Lbs
  • Paint Booth & sandblasting capability
  • A range of workshop forklift, loaders and overhead cranes


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