Health, Safety & Environment

Sharpe is committed to reducing the impact of our business on the environment. Sharpe understands the importance of a sustainable future for our company and the Oil & Gas industry as a whole. This sustainable future is reliant on management of all business activities and a collaborative approach with our clients and suppliers to reduce potential environmental harm.

One of our key environmental commitments is our “Zero Defects” policy. There is no margin for error in the Oil & Gas industry, as defective products pose significant safety and environmental risks. Our “Zero Defects” policy ensures we deliver faultless products to our clients and reduce any potential environmental damage through product failure.

Sharpe actively ensures industry and government environmental compliance is adhered to in the day-to-day running of our business.

Sharpe approach environmental, health and safety issues from a daily-life perspective. We recognise the importance of considering all aspects of our actions at and away from work, and in our products and services we provide. Since July 2014, Sharpe’s HSE Division has actively cooperated with the Sharpe Production Department to create and develop a culture of “Zero Harm” and low environmental impact.

Sharpe’s HSE Division is committed to –

Four environmental principles:
• Reducing soil and water contamination caused by our business activity
• Optimising energy consumption
• Create and develop a low environmental impact culture
• Using our resources wisely to reduce waste management on site

Four health and safety principles:
• Continual training in “Zero Harm” culture
• Encourage safe behavior
• Reduce incidents and improve a risk evaluation culture in our employees
• Increase action plans to effectively attend to corrective actions



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