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Major 5 year Re-Build on BOP’s – Sharpe’s Service, Test & Inspection Services

Sharpe offer service and repair BOP’s under our API Spec Q-1 accreditation in accordance with API Standard 53 (4th edition) and compliant with the expected release of API 16AR in late 2016.

Sharpe have developed SQP’s (Service Quality Plans) to safely and efficiently perform API compliant Periodic Maintenance, Major 5 yearly Test/ Inspect and Pressure test of BOP’s from all Annular and Double Gate BOP.

Sharpe’s servicing of BOP’s includes an initial condition inspection followed by the major periodic maintenance and re-build.

Repair works is performed utilising OEM/ API 16A approved parts. All service documentation including 5 year Certification is issued to the client together on completion of major Test and Inspect.

Sharpe can re-build BOP’s from all OEM’s but as per API legislation, we insists that the original data book and a full service history on the BOP must be available for inspection prior to undertaking any repair work.

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