Casing & Tubing Accessories

Sharpe is an industry leader in the manufacture of custom OCTG casing & tubing accessories for clients across the resource and energy sector. Sharpe is authorised to apply the API monogram to manufactured items that fall within the API Spec 5CT criteria

Sharpe offers repair and servicing of casing / tubing accessories based on a condition assessment or third party NDT inspection reports. Sharpe has the capability to undertake re-machining of Casing and Tubing accessories post excessive wear, galling or thread damage.

Sharpe assists clients in cost effective inventory management of casing tools and accessories once a rig is demobilised on completion of a drilling program.

By undertaking timely inspection, repairs and re-conditioning of casing and tubing accessories; our clients are suitably equipped to re-commence a drilling program.

Re-using serviced casing accessories allows our clients to increase their competitiveness as it removes the cost and time burden of purchasing new tools and building-up a new tooling inventory.


Sharpe’s range of Casing & Tubing Accessories include:

A Casing Pup Joint is a short length of joint (smaller than range 1 in length) with threaded ends used to make up a string of tubing to standard length from bottom of well to the tubing hanger in the wellhead.

Sharpe’s Pup Joints are made to order and come in a range of OD sizes, weights (standard or heavy wall), and grades (J-55, N-80). Pup Joints are commonly available from stock in 2′, 3′, 4′, 6′, 10′, and 12′ lengths.
Sharpe’s pup joints are manufactured in accordance with API 5-CT or to a customer specification.

Casing and Tubing Crossovers enable the connection of two components with differing thread types or sizes as part of a casing or tubing string.

A drift is a precision-machined cylinder that is pulled through casing / tubing or accessories to qualify proper internal clearance, ovality and straightness of the tube. Drifts are generally manufactured in steel, aluminium, nylon or other non-metallic material.

Sharpe’s drifts are manufactured in accordance with API 5-CT or to a customer specification.

Blast Joints are heavy wall joints of varying sizes used in tubing strings and are designed to minimise the effect of external erosive action caused by production fluids and gases.

Blast Joints are used in multiple-zone wells in which the tubing extends past a producing zone to deter the erosional velocity of the produced fluids and formation sand from cutting through the tubing string.

The casing hanger is part of wellhead assembly that provides support for the casing string when it is lowered into the wellbore. The purpose of the casing hanger is to lock into the casing head – thus ensuring that the casing is properly located. The casing hanger ensures the casing has been suspended from a casing head in a well.

Gas Anchors are perforated tubular devices that attach below the PCP pump and assist in separating solids from the gas/water flow thus increasing pump efficiency.

A Casing Drive Sub transfers the torque from the rotary top drive to the top of the casing string.

Sharpe Engineering manufactures a range of drive subs designed to minimize wear and damage to the casing connection and the drive sub connection

Float Shoes are rounded profile machined parts that have an integral check valve that attaches to the downhole end of a casing string. The Float Shoe prevents reverse flow or U-tubing of cement slurry from the annulus into the casing. Float Shoes also act as a guide for the casing to be run centrally down the wellbore.

A Float Collar is a coupling device inserted one or two joints above the bottom of the casing string. Float Collars contain a check valve to permit fluid to pass downward but not upward through the casing thus preventing backflow back into the casing string.

Float Collars are used during Cementing of a well and provide a seat for the top and bottom cement plugs.

Float collars are also used to prevent drilling mud from entering the casing while it is being lowered, allowing the casing to float during its descent and thus decreasing the load on the derrick or mat.

Landing Joints are a custom length casing joint that are attached to the casing hanger running tool. This allows the lowering of the casing string and the casing hanger into the well head.

Top Drive Subs serve as the sacrificial element between the casing string and the rig’s top drive.

A casing drive sub reduces repair and maintenance costs whilst running casing programs. The casing drive sub generally exceeds the casing’s mechanical properties allowing it to carry the entire weight of the casing string. These subs can also be manufactured as a knuckle joint style and quick change sleeve style, With heavy and light duty versions available in the conventional design depending on requirements.

Caps/Nubbins are used for protection and handling of casing joints and casing tools. They are either cast or machined steel with a lifting bail. All Sharpe lifting tools are engineered and have certified lift ratings.


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