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NEW Sharpe® Coarse Flush Joint Casing Thread

Sharpe® have been busy engineering, prototyping and testing a new flush joint thread design for large diameter casing. ‘SCF’ (Sharpe Coarse Flush) thread launched in early 2017 and has proved a major success with drilling contractors and end users.


‘SCF’ is as a fully integrally threaded connection, eliminating the risks and costs associated with welding tool joints onto the pipe body.  ‘SCF’ has been specifically designed for large diameter casing in sizes 10-3/4”, 12-¾”, 14”, 16”, 18” and 20”.  Larger sizes available by special request.


Some of the benefits:

  • Deep stabbing
  • Easy start
  • Reduced cross threading
  • Rapid make-up – 4-1/2 turns to shoulder up
  • Robust thread profile
  • Pin and box connections come with the Sharpe anti-gall treatment applied


As the latest addition to our flush joint family of threads, ‘SCF’ offers clients increased versatility across multiple applications. The major applications of ‘SCF’ include exploration and production drilling applications across:

  • Goaf Drainage
  • Coal seam de-gassing
  • De-watering
  • Large diameter water bores
  • SIS (Surface In Seam)


‘SCF’ is threaded to order and available in in Range 1 (6m), Range 2 (9m) and Range 3 (12m) lengths with a full host of casing accessories also available to order.

For more details on SCF, click here.

SCF - Sharpe Coarse Flush thread

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