API Threading (Drill Pipe)

With 25+ years industry experience in the threading and repair of Drill Pipe, Sharpe has vast experience in threading REG, IF, PAC, AOC and FH API connections on the following drilling equipment:

  • Drill Pipe
  • Heavy weight drill pipe (HWDP)
  • Drill Collars
  • Non-Mags
  • Subs and Stabilizers

Sharpe has the capability to machine BHA drill string threads from ½” OD to 7 5/8” OD. Sharpe support operators, drilling contractors and oilfield rental companies for batch repairs, third party inspections and re-cuts on used drill pipe threads. Sharpe also support clients’ for inventory management, pipe straightening and a fully mobile hardbanding service for repairs to drill pipe, HWDP (Heavy Weight Drill Pipe) and drill collars.

All QA (Quality Assurance) for servicing of drill pipe and accessories is controlled by Sharpe’s QMS (Quality Management System) which is third party certified to API Spec 7-1. This certification licenses Sharpe to manufacture or repair drill stem elements and undertake threading on rotary shoulder connections. Sharpe store certified and calibrated API rotary shoulder connection ring and plug gauges in our climate controlled calibration lab.

Sharpe also manufacture, repair and service a range of Drill Stem Subs & Accessories and Speciality Drilling Tools.

All rotary shouldered connections and accessories come with the following post-machining thread protection precautions: 

This chemical process etches the machined surface of the casing, tubing or rotary shoulder connection offering an extended lifespan. It assists in retaining the thread compound to ensure proper lubrication of the mating surface during make-up, thereby preventing galling. All rotary-shouldered connections machined at Sharpe Engineering are treated with the phosphate solution as per the requirements of API. 

Cold rolling is optional and recommended for all API Spec 7-1 Rotary Shoulder Connection threads. Cold Rolling is a finishing process whereby the thread root of the pipe material is compressed leaving the surface fibres with a residual compressive stress. This increased surface stress means a higher tensile force can be applied to the thread before failure occurs. Once the cold rolling process is undertaken – the pipe has an increased tolerance to bending forces thereby decreasing fatigue and increasing the lifespan of the thread. 

Sharpe supply clients with thread protectors for all tubular products including casing and drill pipe. Supplied in plastic or steel; the protectors come with the following advantages: 

  • Keeps thread clean 
  • Protects thread from dust, moisture and exposure to weather 
  • Protects against minor knocks and damage in transport and handling 
  • Pre-doped 
  • Removes the requirement for cleaning prior to running the casing or tubular product. 
  • Remove the cap and run the casing, saving time and mess at the rig site. 



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