Production String Tubing Accessories

Sharpe manufactures production string tubing accessories in line with API Spec 5-CT. We hold CNC lathe tooling and appropriate gauges for common oilfield API tubing and sucker rod threaded connections. Manganese phosphate, running dope and thread protectors are applied to all manufactured tubing accessories prior to dispatch to the customer.

Sharpe’s range of Production String Tubing Accessories includes:

Sharpe can supply tubing pup joints in a range of OD sizes, commonly 2 3/8”, 2 7/8”3 1/2″ and 4” with threaded pin & box as EUE/ NUE/ NU or premium threaded connections.  

Although most commonly supplied in J55, we can source tubing pups in higher grade N80, L80 or P110. Pup Joints are made to order in customer nominated lengths.  

Sharpe undertake slotting or perforating based on client nominated flow area or slot configuration.  All of Sharpe supplied pup joints are manufactured in accordance with API 5-CT.  

Sharpe’s Blast Joints are manufactured from heavy walled tubing joint which are then run in the tubing string and positioned along side a perforated zone section to resist external erosion. 

The OD and threaded end matches that of the production tubing string. Blast Joints are designed to resist downhole erosion caused by high velocity production fluid entering from that high-gas content zone. Blast Joints also act as an thick wall barrier to deter formation sand from cutting through the tubing string. 

We manufacture a range of tubing swages in single and batch volumes from ANSI 4140 fully traceable material. The dimensions and the threaded connections of the swages all strictly confirm with API 5-CT. All swages are phosphated prior to dispatch. Common connections include EUE, NU, NUE, NPT in tubing sizes 2 3/8”, 2 7/8” and 3 ½”.  

Sharpe Engineering undertake finish machining or modification to Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP) assemblies utilised in oil/ gas production wells.

Our CNC lathes are capable of machining weld prep or threaded connections to top and bottom of pump stators. Machined threads on these components fully comply and are gauged to API Spec 5B-5CT, common thread forms include 2 3/8” EUE, 2 7/8” EUE, 3 ½” EUE, 4” NUE etc.

Common modified to semi-finished PCP Pumps include an in-lathe push back of the pump’s rubber component, machining a recess at either end of the element and machining of the centralizing sleeve.

Manufactured in a pin/ box configuration at 12 In overall length. Also available in special clearance diameter. Manganese phosphate finished and supplied with thread protectors. 

Pin/ Pin configuration in EUE and NPT thread forms, lengths made to customer request. 

Material grade selection is dependent on tubing the nipples are made-up to.  Also available as a reducing Nipple. Nipples are galvanized or manganese phosphated and supplied with thread protectors.  


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