TorqStopper® Torque Anchor

There’s a reason why it’s the preferred torque anchoring tool for onshore Australian CSG wells.

The Sharpe TX Series TorqStopper® torque anchor combines a robust innovative design with simplistic operation and maintenance. Designed and developed to provide a solution to tubing back-off when progressive cavity pumps (PCP) are used resulting in pumps disengaging from the tubing string and falling down the well. The TorqStopper® addresses the torque issue using a simple door mechanism that wedges the pump against the lower side of well bore casing providing maximum stability against vibration and the effects of pump torque. 

The Sharpe TorqStopper® provides significant savings through reductions in downtime, operational and maintenance costs compared to similar tools. The TorqStopper® leaves a greater annular space around the tool for gas breakout providing an increase in production in many cases.  

As the manufacturer Sharpe can customise the TorqStopper® design to suit our customers specific requirements, possible options include: 

  • Non-standard connection configurations and sizes 
  • A centralised version  
  • Incorporating a tag system 
  • Gauge cable recess slot

The TorqStopper® is available in all casing/tubing size and configurations. Click here to view the TorqStopper® standard running procedure.

TorqStopper® Benefits 

  • Simple robust design & operation 
  • Proven and reliable  
  • Superior flow/gas breakout characteristics  
  • Individually serialized 
  • The open bypass area allows for solids and coiled tubing to easily pass the tool 
  • Ability to be run multiple times without servicing 
  • Easily field serviceable 
  • Manufactured using high grade materials 
  • Range of common sizes in stock Brisbane warehouse 
  • Custom designs available to suit specific requirements 


Shown in the below image is a TX7-3 TorqStopper® in set position within 7” casing. As seen in this end view, the amount of annular space allows efficient gas breakout and significantly reduces chances of solids bridging.



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