SCF® – Sharpe Coarse Flush Casing

SCF® is engineered as fit-for-purpose coarse flush thread for large diameter casing suitable for surface, intermediate, production, GOAF wells and liners. SCF® allows easy stabbing and time efficient rig make-up. SCF® is integrally threaded at each end of the pipe body with a fully flush internal and external metal to metal seal. SCF® provides a gas tight, streamlined connection, reducing the risks associated with welded on tool joints. The key design features of SCF® Casing include:

  • Easy deep stabbing
  • Reduced risk of cross threading
  • Quick make-up, 4.5 turns to shoulder
  • Anti-gall treated connections
  • Ability to run multiple times

Why Choose SCF® Casing?

  • OD: 5 9/16″, 6 5/8″, 7″, 8 5/8″ and 10 3/4” OD is supplied in J55 API grade tube.
  • OD:10 3/4″, 12 3/4″, 14″, 16″, 18″ and 20″ OD is supplied in X42 line pipe grade
  • Supplied pre-doped and ready to run at rig location
  • Compliant with API Spec 5-CT & 5-LB
  • Fully engineered by third party for tensile capacity, collapse, bending and curvature
  • Pressure tested and torque tested to verify thread integrity and optimum make-up torques
  • Available with a full range of handling accessories: Crossovers, Pup/Landing Joints, Haul Plugs, Casing Spinners, Drive Subs, Lift Nubbins, Casing Hangers and Custom Foot Clamps. See casing accessories.


Click here to view SCF® Engineering Data.

Click here to view SCF® Running Procedure.


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