Specialty Drilling Tools

Sharpe Manufacture Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) subs meeting clients specification with API and proprietary threaded connections.

Shown below are some examples of Drilling BHA Subs:




Stabilizers are an integral part of the bottom hole assembly (BHA) designed to concentrate the weight of the drill collars on the bitStabilisers stiffen the BHA and keep the drill collars away from the borehole wall. Stabilizers increase the rate of penetration and control hole deviation problems while reducing the risk of stuck pipe. 

Sharpe manufacture Near Bit, String stabilizers, Turbo Back style Stabilizers. The two types commonly manufactured stabilizers include:  

Integral Blade Stabilizer (IBS) 

Machined from a single piece of high strength AISI 4145H in a size range of 5.3/4″ to 36″. Available with either spiral blades at varying degree of wrap or straight blades.  Dressed with optimal hardfacing solutions, our integral blade stabilizers are suitable for most formations, from soft to abrasive. 


Replaceable Sleeve Stabilizer 

Our three piece replaceable sleeve stabilizers consist of a one piece mandrel, bottom sub and a replaceable sleeveOne mandrel can be used with sleeves of different sizes, reducing up-front equipment costs. 

Side entry subs can be used during both cementing and wireline operations.  

Whilst cementing, a Side entry sub facilitates the efficient displacement of down hole fluids via the side 1502 union outlet.  

Whilst undertaking wireline operations, the Side Entry sub allows the wireline operations to be performed through drill pipe without interference from the rig’s top drive. The design permits the rig to reciprocate, rotate, and circulate the drill string while wireline operations are being performed. Pressure control is maintained throughout all operations. 

Sharpe’s 10,000psi Side Entry subs are fully Integral manufactured with box by pin connections, OD & ID matching that of the drill string and an integrally machined 2” 1502 union side outlet. The sub is designed with sufficient tong length for rig make-up per connection data torque sheets and allows for thread repairs should the tool be damaged or fail thread inspection.  


Double Side Entry Sub with two 1502 side outlets are also available. 

Drill-thru lift subsare of one-piece construction and manufactured from ANSI 4145alloy steel. The Drillable Lifting Sub comes with an 18degree tapered shoulder which acts as a bottleneck to suit drill pipe elevators. Sharpe’s Drill-thru lift subs with a box up x pin down connection; and is available in all diameters and lengths. Where applicable, stress relief features are machined on both pin and box connections 

The most common application of the Drill-thru lift subs is to make-up and run with the drill collars meaning elevators do not have to be regularly changed out between running drill pipe and drill collars  

The Drill-thru lift subs can also be used in drilling operators above tools such as above the mud motor. The machined recess for the elevators again create run-time and tripping-time rig efficiencies and remove safety concerns around excessive handling of tubulars and handling equipment such as elevator slips and dog collars.   

Note; Drill-thru lift subs do not fall within any API specification or standard and therefore cannot be monogrammed

Designed and manufactured as an integral mandrel sub, the BOP Test Mandrel is used for handling, pressure testing and function testing of a BOP stack.  

The mandrels are engineered to suit BOPs from 9” to 13 5/8” and tested with the following drill pipe sizes: 2-3/8”, 2-7/8”, 3-1/2”, 4”, 5” and 5 ½”. 

The mandrel and nubbin assembly are used to lower a pre-assembled BOP stack into position and safely nipple-up onto the wellhead spool or test stump. The mandrel is then utilised to function and pressure test individual rams of the single and double gate BOPs. 

Both the mandrel and the nubbin are engineered and certified for lifting to 30T WLL and a working pressure of 10,000psi. The bottom disk of the mandrel has been tapped with a ½” NPT port to allow monitoring of the test pressure held at the sealing element during BOP pressure rating. This ensures the element is exposed to the test pressure. When testing from below, the disk is pushed into the base of the closed rams of the BOP. 

 The BOP Mandrel will save the rig contractor critical hours in rig-up and BOP testing time and has been complimented by the associated operating company as evidence of continual improvement in rig efficiencies. 

Sharpe manufacture Universal Bottom Hole Orientation (UBHO) Sub is used in a directional drilling BHA.  

Also referred to as a mule shoe sub. This sub is run directly below a drill collar and contains a landing sleeve for directional survey equipment. The UBHO sub houses the float valve and provides for fluid flow control at the bottom of the drill stem. It also prevents backflow of cuttings from plugging the drill bit jets while making connections.  

This sub is used to establish the high side of the tool, which is essential for knowing the tools orientation in the wellbore. The sub can be manufactured from monel bar steel or ANSI 4140 4145M alloy steel 

Various OD sizes and API or premium threaded connections are available to meet specific directional drilling applications. 

Sharpe manufacture a range of jetting subs and jetting tools including the following:

  • Bullnose Jetting Sub
  • Vortex Jetting/Wellbore Cleaning Tool
  • Spiral Jetting Sub
  • Venturi Jetting Sub

The above jetting subs and tools can be run independently or in conjunction with each other depending on challenge and what outcome is required.

The Sharpe Vortex Jetting Tool has a multi-purpose application, the design allows for debris to be pulled from the annulus through the perforated casing section of the well to assist with reducing fines build-up and increasing production flow. This tool is best used with the Bullnose Jetting sub to clean the casing internally and externally.

Jetting Sub and Tool features:

  • Removable carbide nozzles – allowing nozzle aperture to be customised to suit the application or blocked off with blank inserts.
  • Critical wear areas can be dressed with wear resistant surface cladding.
  • All types of connections and sizes available to suit common API and Premium connections.
  • Tools can be fully customised to suit any requirement.


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