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Our Pressure Control Equipment

Sharpe® manufactures, re-manufactures and services a range of well head pressure control equipment. We are certified to design and manufacture pressure control products within our product range and scope to the latest API 6A specifications or client specifications.

We operate advanced manufacturing equipment with in-house engineering & design capability. We also offer pressure testing and wear resistant, erosion and corrosion protection coatings services for wellhead components.  

On top of a conventional wellhead is an assembly of valves, spoolstop connectorand fittings commonly referred to as a “Christmas Tree” which regulates and controls the flow of oil and gas during well productionThese critical components, manufactured by Sharpe®, are used for water injection or disposal, gas injection and other operations. The wellhead and Christmas tree assembly seals the annular space between casing and tubing, controls wellhead pressure and adjust well flow rate. 

For more information on the scope of our API 6A Certification, see API.

Sharpe® also have capacity and capability to manufacture & pressure test the following pressure control products to API 6A Specification:

  • Tubing heads
  • Tubing hangers
  • Casing heads
  • Treecap bodies

The range of pressure control products that Sharpe® manufacture includes:

Bull plugs are solid plug pressure-containing closure for a female-threaded end or outlet connection, which may have an internal counter-bore and/or test port. Bull Plugs are used as an isolation device in piping systems, conduits or wellbore tubulars.

Valve removal plugs are used for gate valve removal, manufactured to suit all standard API 6A valve sizes.

Connectors can be defined as pressure containing / pressure controlling wellhead equipment that allows a mechanical joint that can provide a pressure seal.


For example, Sharpe® manufacture Tree Caps which are installed on the top of the Christmas tree. A pressure gauge is mounted on the top plug of the tree cap in order to measure well pressure. The Tree Caps also provide access to wellhead for service and monitoring.

Adapter Spools are a pressure control housing body with two different end connections to fit between two other pieces of equipment.

Adapter Spools are generally designed to a nominated length with different nominal end flanged connections used for reliable and consistent performance on their production system. Sharpe® manufacture Adapter Spools in a range of sizes and pressure rating ranging from 1000psi to 20000psi.

Sharpe® manufacture API 6A Spacer Spools which are pressure control equipment having end connections and an extended body, used to raise or space apart blowout preventers or even wellheads and choke manifolds.

We also manufacture DSA’s (Double Studded Adapter flange’s), which is used in the wellhead system usually designed with double studded flange connections with customer nominated flange size and pressure ratings. The DSA is manufactured with a through bore and a ring groove on each side, drilled and tapped bolt hole sets on both sides and tapped end studs complete with nuts fitted on both sides.

Can be described as a pressure containing fitting with four connections in the same plan with two of these connections forming an in-line run. Crosses can also be 5 Way and 6 Way. The API Spec 6A scope covers studded crosses, studded tees, flanged crosses and flanged tees.

Companion Flanges adapt from flange of nominated size and pressure to a nominated threaded connection.

A Blind Flange can be defined as a flange with no centre bore, used to close off completely a flanged end or outlet connection.


A Test Flange is a Blind Flange, with a tapped test port in its centre or side to allow application of pressure or the attachment of a gauge.

A casing hanger is designed to support the casing string by anchoring and hanging the casing strings in the casing wellhead housing. A casing hanger is installed on top of each casing string to carry each casing string. The top member, set on top of the bottom centraliser member, supports and transfers the weight of the casing string to the casing head.

The primary function of the bottom member of the casing hanger assembly is centralising a casing string within the casing head and a top member of a conventional slip-type casing hanger design. The bottom member also absorbs any side bending load induced by movements of the casing string.

Sharpe® manufactures slip type casing hangers in conformance to API 6A which are designed to support/transfer the weight between the casing string and the surface wellhead

Blow Out Preventer (BOP) test stumps are used by drilling & workover rigs to pressure and function test their BOPs on site. Sharpe® designs and manufactures BOP test stumps to match the size and pressure of the BOP being tested (BOP Bore Diameter: 7 1/16”, 9”, 11”, 13 5/8” and pressure rating: 3000/5000/10,000psi ETC.)


Our test stumps come with machined rotary shoulder connection boxes in the stump body so a range of mandrel sizes can be made up to the stump to enable function testing. A BOP test stump may have base plate, side and bottom ports, and fixed or removable Test mandrel retaining threads for multiple size test mandrel as deemed necessary.

Sharpe® are the only API 16A certified licensee in Australia. Our API 16A scope allows us to manufacture and pressure test adaptors, drilling spools and spacer spools, and hub and clamp connectors.

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