QMS & HSE Certifications


Sharpe Engineering is systems driven and quality focused.

We are committed to providing first class quality products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations using an effective management system, operational controls, continual improvements and active employee involvement.

Our Quality Management System (QMS) is third party certified to the oil and gas industry’s highest standards.

It guarantees consistent products and services that meet customer requirements and conform to API Spec Q1, API Spec 7-1, API Spec 5-CT, API 6A and ISO 9001:2015 APIQR.

At Sharpe we believe that an effective QMS is critical to meeting our customer’s needs. It provides a framework to ensure continued success and improvement of Sharpe Engineering and a framework for all operational policies, procedures and operational requirements.

Our quality system also assesses customer satisfaction with a process for continual improvement.

Sharpe’s Quality Management Team constantly reviews, evaluates, plans and improves our operations and ensures that all team members take an active role implementing the QMS.

We believe in product and service excellence and ensuring that our clients are never disappointed. Our QMS ensures our products:

Comply with customer specifications
Meet relevant API standards and parameters
Meet the requirements of the customer

All workshop manufacture, repair and servicing works are undertaken with an approved documented “traveller” job file. Each job is assigned a designated serial number detailing full material traceability and inspection.

The end of job reporting is collaborated by our production team. This Manufacturer’s Data Report (MDR) details every aspect of product or service delivered with all quality documentation fully traceable for future years via our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Delivery documentation varies job-to-job, typical documentation includes:

Material data from the mill, heat certs, testing reports etc.
Third party reports including NDT/NDE Reports or any applicable engineering certificates
Hydrostatic testing reports
List of any replaced parts with OEM manual as appropriate

With our quality certificates in place – all projects and staff at Sharpe are systems driven and procedure focused. Sharpe have invested heavily in a suitable ERP system and adopted an all-encompassing system in 2008. The ERP manage enquiries, purchasing, call management (internal & external), production, accounts, invoicing, payroll and has a scheduling feature to automatically schedule and track customer jobs in real time. Recording of this data enables us to monitor and improve on our “delivered in full on time” track record. Sharpe’s ERP system is continually monitored by our QA Manager as part of our QMS (Quality Management System).

All Sharpe and third party proprietary gauges are stored in a temperature-controlled room. Gauges are managed, calibrated and inspected by our Quality team.

As some gauges are licensed property of patented threads and hold confidential IP (Intellectual Property) the lab is secure at all times. We hold a growing list of premium license connections for drill pipe and casing.

The following equipment is securely stored in the lab:

  • Mic-Trac MT3000 and calibration program used to calibrate measuring equipment
  • Certified API Specification 5B and 7-2 ring and plug gauges. Sizes ranging from 2-3/8′′-9-5/8′′ for rotary shoulder connections, casing, tubing and line pipe
  • External taper gauges
  • External micrometers. Sizes ranging from 0′′- 42′′
  • Twin Screw Digital Calibration Unit 12.5psi to 40,000psi

  • Micrometers –   outside from 1” to 48” and Inside from 1-1/2 to 48”828489

  • Full compliment of Gagemaker Taper, MRP, lead, thread Height, profile gauges

QMS Certifications:

API Q1 (Cert No. Q1-1410) which scope of certification licences Sharpe to undertake the manufacture, repair and remanufacture of casing pup joints, accessories and drill stem elements.

API 5CT (Cert No. 1545) which scope of certification licences Sharpe to undertake the manufacture of:

  • Casing or Tubing Pup Joints at Group 1, J55/PSL 1, K55/PSL 1, N80(1)/PSL 1;
  • Manufacture Accessories at Group 1, J55/PSL 1, K55/PSL 1, N80(1)/PSL 1;
  • Threader.

Exclusion: clause 5.4 Design and Development 

API 7-1 (Cert No. 1085) which scope of certification licences Sharpe to manufacture or repair the following:

  • Drill Stem Subs;
  • Threading on rotary shoulder connections.


Exclusion: clause 5.4 Design and Development 

API Q1 (Cert No.4036) which scope of certification licences Sharpe to undertake the Manufacture, Repair and Re-manufacture of Casing and Tubing Pup Joints and Accessories; Drill Stem Elements, Wellhead and Tree Equipment, Completion Equipment and Accessories; Pipe Threader

API 6A, 21st Edition (Cert No.2189) license includes the following:

  • Blind and Test Flanges,
  • Tees and Crosses,
  • Top Connectors,
  • Adapter Spools and Spacer Spools at PSL 1, PSL 2;
  • Bull plugs;
  • Valve Removal Plugs

ISO 9001:2015 APIQR (Cert No.4975) Applies to the Manufacture, Repair and Re-manufacture of Casing and Tubing Pup Joints and Accessories, Drill Stem Elements, Wellhead and Tree Equipment, Completion Equipment and Accessories; Provision of Pipe Threading Services.




Sharpe actively ensures industry and government environmental compliance is adhered to in the day-to-day running of our business. Sharpe’s HSE Division is committed to

Our four health and safety principles:

• Continual training in “Zero Harm” culture
• Encourage safe behaviour
• Reduce incidents and improve a risk evaluation culture in our employees
• Increase action plans to effectively attend to corrective actions

Sharpe is committed to reducing the impact of our business on the environment. We understand the importance of a sustainable future for our company and the Oil & Gas industry as a whole. This sustainable future is reliant on management of all business activities and a collaborative approach with our clients and suppliers to reduce potential environmental harm.

One of our key environmental commitments is our “Zero Defects” policy. Our “Zero Defects” policy ensures we deliver faultless products to our clients and reduce any potential environmental damage through product failure.

Our four environmental principles:
• Reducing soil and water contamination caused by our business activity
• Optimising energy consumption
• Create and develop a low environmental impact culture
• Using our resources wisely to reduce waste management on site

OH&S Management System Certification:

Sharpe Engineering operate at the certified standard AS/NZS 4801:2001.


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