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Service Facility for Volant Casing Running Tools

Sharpe Engineering has recently invested in training of our team members at Volant’s manufacturing facility in Edmonton Canada. The skills and expertise gained at this hands-on course allows Sharpe to service, repair and re-build Volant products being run by Drilling Contractors in the region.


Volant’s Casing Running Tool (internal grip CRTi, and external grip CRTe) enable makeup, break out, reciprocate, rotate, fill /circulate and cement casing and liner strings thus reducing non productive time on a rig. All service work on the CRT is logged and carried out in strict accordance with Volant’s Maintenance Procedures. Parts can be easily and competitively sourced from the OEM and the tool is re-greased and functionality checked prior to dispatch back to the rig.


To cater to local client’s needs, Sharpe has purchased a load controlled mobile crimping and swaging tool. This tool is used to apply radial load in crimping and swaging operations whilst a rig is running casing. The tool is suited to crimping on Volant HydroFORM™ 7” and 9 5/8” centralizers and Swaging is available up to 10 ¾”.


As part of an ongoing business relationship with Volant, Sharpe now act as a nominated distributor of Volant Oilfield Products throughout Australia.



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