Break-out/ Bucking Services

Sharpe offers our clients bucking services utilising our CLINCHER® TYPE III Bucking unit located at our Roma facility with a smaller unit available at our Brisbane workshop. The CLINCHER® TYPE II is the premiere bucking unit specifically designed 
to make and break premium thread connections on all OCTG (Oil Country Tubular Goods). The unit is fitted with full radial jaws to ensure maximum contact and reduced damage or deformity of the equipment being made up.

The CLEBU11750 Bucking Unit is fitted with a WinCatt Torque/Turn Monitoring System 
which controls and records the bucking process and outputs Torque/turn readings in OD Micrometers 0 – 42”.

The bucking unit is powered by hydraulic motors and operated by trained professionals in accordance with strict SOP’s (Safe Operating Procedures) and specific JSA’s (Job Safety Analysis).

Features of our bucking unit are as follows:


Bucking Unit Model: CLEBU 11750 Type III
Size Range: 1.660” through 11 3/4″
Hydraulic Power Supply: 3,000psi & 36 GPM
Max Low Gear Torque & Speed: 35,000 ft lbs 5RPM
Max High Gear Torque & Speed: 17,500 ft lbs 10RPM
Tong Gripping System: 3 Hydraulic Jaws
Backup Gripping System: 11 3/4″ LockjawTM Backup
Size Range: 1.66” through 11 3/4″
Max Torque: 35,000ft lbs @3,000 psi
Backup Handle Height: 24”
ERW: 33.50


Sharpe’s bucking unit is ideally suited to the bucking (make-up) of:

  • Pup joints
  • Couplings
  • Centralisers
  • Assembly of bottom hole assemblies (BHA’s)
  • Completion Equipment
  • Packer assemblies
  • Stage tools
  • Cement assemblies etc.
  • Any equipment that needs to be made rig ready prior to arrival at the rig site

Sharpe’s break-out equipment is ideally used for breaking out of the following:

  • Drilling/ Casing tools
  • Centralisers
  • Removal of couplings from casing/tubing
  • Disassembly of bottom hole assemblies (BHA’s)
  • Any down hole tools that are seized and cannot be broken apart at the rig


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