Deep Hole Drilling

Sharpe’s SIG deep hole drilling machine at our Virginia facility enables us to drill/bore bar stock material up to 6m in length. Deep hole drilling has a range of applications across multiple industries; ensuring the bar is efficiently drilled with tight diameter control and precision straightness.

A dedicated deep hole drilling machine allows Sharpe to achieve highly accurate depth-to-diameter holes into metal beyond what conventional machining methods can reach. The deep hole drilling processes uses special tools and setups to deliver high pressure coolant to evacuate chips cleanly and achieve precision diameter bores. The adaptability of the boring unit also allows sharpe to efficiently undertake:

  • Counter boring (enlargement of existing bores through the internal diameter)
  • Roller Burnishing (tools which improve the internal diameter surface finish).

Drilling a consistent and straight internal diameter is the initial machining process undertaken in the manufacturing of the following Sharpe products:

  • Drill/ pony collars,
  • Blast joints,
  • Drill through lift subs,
  • Drill pipe pup joints
  • Non-magnetic drill collars,
  • ETC.

We have a range of solid drill heads designed for specific tolerance which include:

  • 19.05mm (3/4″),
  • 25.4mm (1″),
  • 38.1mm (1-1/2″),
  • 50.7mm (2″),
  • 54.0mm (2-1/8″),
  • 57.2mm (2-1/4″),
  • 62mm (2.44″),
  • 71.4mm (2-13/16″),
  • 76mm (3″).

Additional size boring heads can be manufactured or purchased as required.


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