Hardbanding is the process of depositing hardfacing alloys in the form of wear-resistant bands to protect both casing and the drill string from abrasive wear. Hardbanding is generally applied to the box end of the drill pipe joint using MIG welding process allowing the hardbanding alloy to be bonded with the existing steel of the drill pipe. Drilling components commonly hardbanded include:

  • Drill Pipe
  • Drill Pipe
  • HWDP (Heavy Weight Drill Pipe)
  • Drill Collars
  • Tool Joints

Sharpe’s Roma facility is in close proximity to the Surat, Bowen and Cooper Basins allow us to promptly and efficiently service clients requiring hardbanding services in these regions. Sharpe’s Hardbanding service offers drilling contractors, operators and drill pipe rental companies a cost competitive means of protecting and reducing wear on casing and the drill string by increasing the life of the drill string. Sharpe also offer pipe-straightening services as a complimentary service to the hardbanding of tubulars.

Sharpe’s hardbanding units are fully mobile meaning we can set-up the unit at the rig site allowing our clients to save on costly freight/ logistics of tubulars.

Advantages of utilising Sharpe for hardbanding services include:

  • 25+ years experience in hardbanding application
  • Cost & time competitive mobilisation fees (Ex. Roma)
  • Mobile units enable pipes to remain on rig site
  • Quality casing saver type hard banding eliminates casing wear
  • Customer choice of hard banding consumable

Sharpe is an approved applicator of the following Hardbanding protection coating:

Sharpe are a licensed applicator of all Arnco’s hardbanding product including:

  • 100XT
  • 150XT
  • 300XT
  • 350XT
  • NonMagXT™

Sharpe are a licensed applicator of the following Postle hardbanding product:

  • Postalloy® Tuffband® NC
  • Postalloy® Duraband® NC

Sharpe are a licensed applicator of the following NOV Tuboscope hardbanding product:

  • TCS™ Titanium
  • TCS™ 8000


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