Premium Threading

Through industry excellence and reputation Sharpe has earned multiple premium license agreements for Internationally renowned premium-threaded connections for drill pipe, casing & tubing.

Tubular connections manufactured or repaired by Sharpe are gauged and inspected to meet the relevant standards by our highly trained quality inspectors utilising licensors’ approved and calibrated gauges.

Sharpe can undertake production runs, batch repairs, source independent third party inspections and undertake re-cuts including chase and face on new or used drill pipe, tubing and premium casing threads. Sharpe also provides clients inventory management, hardbanding and pipe straightening at our Roma and Brisbane facilities.

Premium-threaded connections: Our International Affiliations:

CDS (Command Double Shoulder)
CET (Command Extreme Torque)

The range of DP Master drill string connection types include: 

  • DPM – MT (DP Master – Master Torque) 
  • DPM – DS (DP Master – Double Shoulder) 

The range of Grant Prideco drill string connection types include: 

  • XT (Extra Torque) 
  • HT (High Torque) 
  • GPDS (Grant Prideco Double Shoulder), Including what was formally VAM CDS
  • VX Grant Prideco Express (Formally VAM Drilling)
  • uGPDS (uLtimate Grant Prideco Double Shoulder),
  • HLST (Hilong Super High Torque)
  • HLDS (Hilong Double Shoulder)

The range of Metal One casing & tubing
connection types include:

  • FLUSHMAX Series,
  • FLUSHMAX Series III,
  • SUPERMAX Series


Sharpe has the capacity to increase the number of licenses we hold. Should your connection type not be listed above – please contact us to discuss the specifics of your thread type


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