Speciality Machining

Sharpe offers a range of machining services to clients across all industry regions. Investments in Sharpe’s machining equipment aims to ensure that Sharpe remain at the forefront of machining technology and innovation being introduced to the industry.

Sharpe currently has a total of 12 manual lathes and 17 CNC modern machines for milling and turning. Sharpe offers machining in both ferrous and non-ferrous materials including machining of bar stock, forgings, castings and fabrications. For stock material, see stock raw material.

Our operators are highly trained, skilled and competent across multiple machines. By investing in state-of-the-art, efficient and modern equipment – Sharpe ensure precision machining to the highest quality whilst offering clients cost-savings in the reduced time taken to complete jobs.

Typical oil/ gas production equipment general machining scope includes:

  • Repair and manufacture of flanges including stainless steel inlay on ring grooves (double studded adaptor flanges, companion flanges etc.)
  • Drilling rig equipment and repairs typical of shafts and housings
  • Custom machining of spade blinds, ring spaces, blind flanges, orifice flanges, orifice plates, pipes nipples etc.
  • Bit gauges
  • Custom machining of nuts, studs and bolts
  • Swivel repairs

Our CNC lathes can also cut groove to Victaulic and weld-prep grooves or bevels in straight line pipe lengths up to 20” diameter and 12m long. 


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