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Roma Facility Installs Solar System

In line with our corporate Environmental Policy and Objectives – Sharpe® is committed to reducing our carbon footprint. With this commitment in mind, Sharpe® recently completed the installation of a 94.5kW solar system on the roof of our main workshop in Roma.


The solar array consists of 360 x 265W Phono Solar panels.  The system will power critical electrical components of our business including CNC machines, ITC, and the all-important air conditioning cooling units throughout the hot summer months.


Utilising 3 x 27.6kW ABB Inverters the full solar system is capable of producing approx. 155,000 kWh per year although restricted to zero export by the electrical network provider.


With the system now installed, Sharpe® expect to reduce electrical reliance on the grid and reduce our electricity costs by 60-70%. Massive thank you to Ben and his team at HUM Energy for their commitment and safe execution of this project. More details are available at



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