Threading Services

Sharpe is an industry leader in working with end-users, international thread technology companies and distributors in the supply, machining and threading on API Spec 7-1 Rotary Shouldered Connections, OCTG (Oil Country Tubular Goods), casing and tubing. Through Sharpe’s 20+ years in operation – we have continually expanded our threading equipment and technical abilities to meet evolving industry needs and requirements of our local and international clients.

Sharpe’s threading facilities have the ability to manufacture and repair tubulars in sizes ranging from1/2” to 24” OD (up to 20” fully integral).

Sharpe’s four Queensland threading facilities, one in Roma, two in Brisbane and one in Chinchilla, are supported by over 24 lathes and advanced CNC equipment with over 4,000mof covered workshop manufacturing space and 14,000mof yard area.

Each facility operates seamlessly with the use of a custom designed automated pipe handling process improving our efficiencies and our client’s competitiveness. Sharpe is equipped to service casing and drill pipe in the following lengths:

  • Range 1: 18 foot to 22 foot.
  • Range 2: 27 foot to 30 foot.
  • Range 3: 38 foot to 45 foot.

All QA (Quality Assurance) casing and tubing services undertaken by Sharpe are controlled by our QMS (Quality Management System); which is third party certified to API Spec Q1 (9th edition). Our API 5CT certification licenses Sharpe to undertake the manufacture and repair of API threaded casing and tubing connections as well as casing and tubing accessories. For more information on our API certification, visit Quality.

Sharpe also holds proprietary premium connection gauges for manufacture and repair of multiple premium threaded connections.

Sharpe’s threading facilities provide APISharpe’ proprietary and premium threaded connections repair services for all sizes and weights of drill pipe, casing and tubing.

Threaded connections manufactured by Sharpe are gauged and inspected to meet the relevant standards by our highly trained quality inspectors utilising licensors’ approved and calibrated gauges where applicable. Sharpe has developed efficient and specialist-machining techniques enabling us to provide quality-threading services to meet the various needs of our clients.

Sharpe offers the options of Phosphating on all threaded connections and Cold Rolling on rotary shouldered connections. Both processes offer the benefit of improving the connection durability and reduce the risk of fatigue, galling and failure of the threaded connection. As per API Spec 7-1 all rotary shouldered connection shall be phosphated using either zinc or manganese.

Phosphating (Manganese or Zinc)

This chemical process etches the machined surface of the casing, tubing or rotary shoulder connection offering an extended lifespan. It assists in retaining the thread compound to ensure proper lubrication of the mating surface during make-up, thereby preventing galling. All rotary-shouldered connections machined at Sharpe Engineering are treated with the phosphate solution as per the requirements of API.

Cold Rolling

Cold rolling is optional and recommended for all API Spec 7-1 Rotary Shoulder Connection threads. Cold Rolling is a finishing process whereby the thread root of the pipe material is compressed leaving the surface fibres with a residual compressive stress. This increased surface stress means a higher tensile force can be applied to the thread before failure occurs. Once the cold rolling process is undertaken – the pipe has an increased tolerance to bending forces thereby decreasing fatigue and increasing the lifespan of the thread.

Sharpe supply clients with thread protectors for all tubular products including casing and drill pipe. Supplied in plastic or steel; the protectors come with the following advantages:

  • Keeps thread clean
  • Protects thread from dust, moisture and exposure to weather
  • Protects against minor knocks and damage in transport and handling
  • Pre-doped
  • Removes the requirement for cleaning prior to running the casing or tubular product.
  • Remove the cap and run the casing, saving time and mess at the rig site.

Sharpe supply casing racks for drill pipe, casing and tubular products. Sharpe’s casing racks come with the following benefits:

  • Offers improved safety and reduces risk by minimising handling of loose pipe
  • Improves efficiency by offering faster loading and unloading
  • The rack sizes come within ADR (Australian Dept. Roads) nominated max. width for trailer decks
  • Racks are engineering certified
  • Racks are stackable and reduce storage space at lay down yard and rig site

Sharpe has expertise in the threading of the below listed thread types:

  • Rope Threads 
  • HW 
  • HWT 
  • PW
  • PWT
  • SW
  • SWT
  • Acme/ ANSI Thread 
  • NPT (National Pipe Thread) 
  • WP (Washpipe) 
  • PAC


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