Sharpe Premium 
Flush Joint (SPFJ ®) Casing

SPFJ ® is Sharpe’s proprietary patented premium connection casing utilised in the resource and energy sector. SPFJ ® has the following features:

  • Manufactured from a J55 or X42 material
  • 4 TPI (Threads per Inch)
  • Compliant with API Spec 5-LB
  • Higbee [blunt] start thread to assist with initial makeup
  • SPFJ ® is ideally suited to large OD (upwards of 10 ½”) flush / joint connection and is available in sizes 12 ¾”, 14”, 16”, 18”, 20” and 24” OD.
  • SPFJ’s ® tensile capacity is verified and validated by third party engineers
  • SPFJ ® has undergone destructive tensile testing proving its safe design, manufacture and quality wear properties as well as meeting the casing requirements as per the CSG Code Of Practice for Constructing and Abandoning Coal Seam Gas Wells and Associated Bores in Queensland (Edition 2.0)
  • SPFJ is frequently used for salvaging/ reclaimation of API EUE tubing where there is insufficient upset length for repair or re-cut(s) to existing thread
  • SPFJ ® comes pre-doped with thread protectors and racked for ease of transport.
  • Available with manganese phosphating finish on all Box Connections – assisting in the retention of the thread compound to ensure proper lubrication of the mating surface during make-up, therefore preventing galling.


Fig.1: SFJ/ SPFJ – Sample Thread                                                                 Fig.2: SPFJ – Thread Make-up


Click here to view SPFJ® technical engineering design properties.

Click here to view SPFJ ® Running Procedure.


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