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Employing dedicated people who together want to create a Quality Future.

We know that creating a Quality Future means providing career opportunities that have a meaningful impact — for each of our employees, to their families and the local communities that surround us.

We have built a diverse workplace where each of our team knows they are a valued part of the Sharpe Family. Our management approach is supportive, actively building a culture of inclusivity and team-work. We’re committed to providing a safe workplace, ongoing training and development, and benefits that prioritise the health and wellbeing of every individual.

Employing good people and looking after them is how we go about our business.

Why join Sharpe®?

Joining Sharpe® isn’t just about a job; it’s about becoming part of a community that values your development. We believe in investing in our team members, showing how we care and recognising a job well done.

Some of our employee benefits include:

  • Mental Health First Aid Program
  • Employee Assistance Counselling Program for you and your family
  • Healthy lifestyle workshops
  • Access to early pay when you need it most
  • Employee recognition awards 
  • Team building activities
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What our team have to say

  • "I feel that Sharpe® treats each individual employee as part of the family, I have witnessed firsthand how they go above and beyond to ensure that every employee feels included and heard. They actively promote diversity in their hiring practices, ensuring that individuals from all walks of life have an equal opportunity to thrive within the company whilst also encouraging all employees to grow both personally and professionally. Sharpe®’s commitment to creating an inclusive work environment where everyone's unique perspectives and backgrounds are celebrated were clearly recognised by them winning the Family Business Association award 2023.I am proud to be part of a company that truly values their staff and I believe that they have set a remarkable example for other companies to follow."
    Charlotte Rickard
    Recruitment Officer
  • "Over the years, Sharpe® has provided me with the flexibility to be able to complete my degree while still working in the Trade that I came to love leaving high school. I have since seen them provide similar opportunities for professional development and growth to my team members. Sharpe Engineering's desire to create careers for their team members as opposed to jobs is a credit to the company culture and should be praised."
    Brock Kerby
    Engineering Manager
  • "Working at Sharpe® comes with its daily challenges, this drives me to improve my product knowledge along with improving my management skills, I feel a great sense of achievement when the trucks roll out of the gates loaded with the products we produce, this is made easier with the support of my colleagues who strive to constantly improve how Sharpe achieve our goals in maintaining customer needs and productivity.In Zillmere, which is a fast-moving production facility, I have a great team that are always stepping up and going above and beyond to meet tight deadlines. Seeing apprentices develop their skills and knowledge and becoming tradesmen fills me with pride, I’m constantly looking at developing the tradesmen to advance them in moving their careers forward within the organisation."
    Neil Prior
    Zillmere Workshop Manager

What’s it like to work for Sharpe®?

  • Growing Together
    Elizabeth Sharpe
    One of the best things about a family business is that your business and family can grow together. Over the past 25 years Sharpe® has grown to include every member of the Sharpe family and spread its operations out across 3 workshops in Queensland.
  • Fine Young Tradespeople
    Anne Sharpe
    The company takes a great deal of pride in its training program and nowhere is that felt more keenly than in the town where it all began — Roma.
  • Family Pride
    Peter Sharpe
    Building your own business can be tough.At Sharpe Engineering we're lucky enough to be celebrating our 25th year in business and we're doing it in the middle of a pandemic!Like any local business we've faced many challenges over the past quarter of a century but we've still managed to open 3 workshops, create almost 100 jobs and remain a family owned local manufacturer.
  • Quality Management
    Jon Sharpe
    Genuine quality in manufacturing is a commitment from the top down. It's a financial commitment, a management commitment and a staff commitment to ensure it is at the core of everything Sharpe® does.
  • The Quality People
    Quality products require quality staff.At Sharpe® we make quality everyones responsibility and our Quality Management System ensures that all team members know what part they are playing in that process.We employ locals who want to be part of their community and we are always looking for new ways to improve our systems by investing in staff training and the best technology available.

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