To create a Quality Future

Our Vision Statement sums it up — We believe in creating a quality future.

While quality has always been essential to our manufacturing process, what our clients don’t always see is how it influences our entire business model.

Through innovation and continual re-investment into our equipment, our processes and our People, we believe we can contribute to positive change for the industries we serve, and leave a lasting impact on the lives of those in the communities that surround us.

Quality is the epicentre of our entire operation, our success and our future.


From ‘doing Quality’ to mastering it

Here at Sharpe® we’d like to think we’ve surpassed ‘doing quality’ work to mastering it. Quality control encompasses nearly every aspect of our business, from our supply chain to our equipment, people, systems and processes, audits, certifications and product inspections.

Along the way, we also balance customer expectations, industry standards, speed in delivery, and consistency, all while keeping our business goals in check… and we MEASURE… again, and again, and again.

Our entire team have an active role to play in executing our strict quality measures.

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Supporting our family — our staff and their families

Cultivating our family-led values is important. We’re committed to building a strong safety and support culture that goes beyond industry requirements and which cares for the total wellbeing of the individual, as well as their family.

We’re driven to create value for our employees, their families, our clients and the communities that support us. Sharpe® embodies the entrepreneurial spirit of regional Queensland and we’re proud to be one of the largest employers in Roma as well as one of Queensland’s largest family-owned manufacturing companies. We advocate for growth in our local industry, support our clubs and sporting associations, and don’t mind getting stuck in to lend a hand.

Teamwork and Integrity — It’s how we succeed together.

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Developing a strong Innovation Strategy

We are passionate about finding smarter and better ways of doing business. We’ve broadened our efforts in improving our manufacturing quality through investing in state-of-the-art
equipment, on-going training, and recruiting great talent to join our team.

The integration of digital technology across all areas of our business continues to change how we operate and deliver value for our clients. The data we capture improves our product design, workflow processes, and drives rapid improvements in efficiency and output — in turn reducing downtime and risk, and increasing quality and safety on site for our valued clients.

It’s not easy to build a strong innovative culture in a demanding market bound by price and competition. We take partnership with our supply chain and clients seriously. We hold our suppliers accountable to the best quality in materials and technical support. We have diversified our business offering into new areas to meet the demands of our clients and work closely with them to solve their problems, exceed their expectations, and push industry norms.

We’re proud of our company today, but we’re even more excited for it’s future.

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