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Sharpe® BOPs in stock for immediate dispatch

Upgrade your BOP stack with our range of Integrated® BOPs in stock now.

An increase in drilling and workover operations sees Sharpe® maintaining a supply of API 16A 4th Edition Certified Integrated® BOPs.

We have new BOPs in various sizes and pressure ratings available, with stock in Brisbane ready for immediate dispatch.

If you have demanding workover operations or are planning to put service rigs to work in the region, we have the following stock available:

  • 7 1/16″ 5,000psi Spherical Annular BOPs
  • 7 1/16″ 5,000psi IE™ Style Double Gate Ram BOPs
  • 7 1/16″ 5,000psi IE™ Style Triple Gate Ram BOPs

For deeper high-pressure gas workover, live well or well servicing work we stock the following:

  • 7 1/16″ 10,000psi IU™ Style Double Gate Ram Shear BOP and matching Annular

For clients in the drilling space, we also have Integrated® API 16A BOP stacks (Annular and Double Gate) in the following sizes:

  • 9″ 3,000psi IE™ Style Double Gate Ram BOPs and matching Annular
  • 11″ 3,000psi IWS™ Style Double Gate Ram BOPs and matching Annular
  • 11″ 5,000psi IWS™ Style Double Gate Ram BOPs

We stock a full range of critical spares and all of our well control packages can be supported with our API certified accessories including HCR valves, spools, mud crosses, adaptors, BOP test mandrels and test stumps.

Get in touch with our team for a quote or to find out more.

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Sharpe® is delighted to announce Ellen Bain as CEO

After being at the helm for 27 years, Peter Sharpe, together with Anne Sharpe, are delighted to announce that now is the right time to pass the baton to the next leader, appointing Ellen Bain as CEO of Sharpe®.

Peter and Anne Sharpe founded Sharpe® in 1995, committed to building a strong business forged on the principles of quality and exceptional service, relying on the industry experience and know-how that had led them to that point.

When Ellen joined the company on the 13th January 2003, she quickly came to learn every aspect of Sharpe® as a business, holding various roles before eventually taking over as CAO from Anne in 2020. In recent years, Ellen has assisted Peter, assuming various CEO responsibilities as Peter commenced his plan to step back from the CEO role.

Ellen has shown that she is an exceptional and knowledgeable leader with vast experience in business administration processes. A forward thinker, skilled in strategy and leadership, Ellen understands the key aspects that drive growth in a manufacturing business and the challenges facing both the industry and the organisation.

She has been instrumental in further growing the Sharpe® footprint as a leading supplier to the resources industry, overseeing the recent expansion of the company into new markets and guiding the company through a rebrand and restructure following the acquisition of an allied company. Through these experiences and more, Ellen has held true to the company values, ‘Quality, Integrity & Teamwork’, while having refined and demonstrated her own personal business values — Strong Governance, Strategic Planning for Growth, and maintaining a ‘People First’ approach in all that Sharpe® does.

Her progression to CEO is a natural evolution and a positive way forward in continuing the legacy that Peter and Anne strived for. Everyone at Sharpe® is excited for what Ellen will bring to the role, and confident she will take the organisation into the next phase of the Sharpe® journey.

This announcement coincides with Ellen celebrating 20 years of service at Sharpe® this January.  Please join us in congratulating Ellen on this milestone and her new appointment to the role of CEO, effective from 1st January 2023.

As we thank the outgoing CEO, we look back on the company’s achievements and all that Peter and Anne have built. Peter’s tenure as CEO saw tremendous growth for Sharpe® which would not have been possible without his tireless work ethic, and commitment to quality and innovation in manufacturing process and technology — all while holding strong to the company’s family values.

As a business, Sharpe® has never been stronger, with a glowing pride in being an Australian, family-owned manufacturing company, an unwavering dedication to exceptional customer service and quality, and a mission to “Create a Quality Future”.