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22 year old Calvin Richters joins the Sharpe Engineering team this week as a fully qualified boiler maker after successfully completing his 4 year apprenticeship.

Calvin moved to Brisbane from Mt Isa specially to complete his training with Sharpe®.

He started out as an apprentice fitter and turner and later changed his apprenticeship to boiler maker because of his love of welding.

Sharpe® prides itself on its successful apprenticeship and trainee programs and Calvin’s qualification this week will open the way for another first year position in the near future.

The company has a policy of rotating trainees through its 3 workshops where-ever possible to allow them to learn a wider variety of skills and specialise in the work they enjoy.

Calvin joins nearly 100 other hard working staff in our 3 workshops in Roma, Virginia and Zillmere.

Congratulations Calvin and welcome to the team.

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