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Sharpe® now licensed to offer JFE premium threading

Sharpe® have successfully qualified as a licensee for JFE premium casing and tubing threads. 

Headquartered in Japan, JFE is regarded as an industry leader in the engineering design and supply of premium OCTG (Oil Country Tubular Goods) and is part of JFE Steel Corporation.

Sharpe®’s Virginia facility has been awarded JFE global licence #99 following an extensive audit and qualifying process. Our licencing agreement covers all JFE premium threads and we have qualified for machining of JFE BearTM and FoxTM threaded connections. Our machining capability in Virginia caters for tubing and casing products ranging from 2 3/8” to 20” diameters. Our qualification also covers the strict post-machining thread surface finish requirements of manganese phosphate undertaken in-house.

The addition of JFE premium threading to our Brisbane operation enhances the support offered to both onshore and offshore Oil & Gas Operators and end users.

The advantage of local supply, combined with our engineering capability and technical expertise, will enable Sharpe® to offer clients a faster turn around on local manufacture of critical downhole tools being delivery to the well site.

This licensing complements our existing product range of casing and tubing accessories including:

  • Casing Pup Joints
  • Tubing Pup Joints
  • Blast Joints
  • Tubing Swage Crossovers
  • Casing Hangers
  • Tubing Hangers
  • Casing Drive Subs
  • Tubing and Casing Haul Subs
  • Cementing equipment including Cement Heads, Float Shoes & Float Collars
  • Water Bushings
  • Repair of casing and tubing JFE threaded connections
  • Flow Couplings
  • Casing Hanger Run Tools


To find out how Sharpe® can support your premium JFE threading and manufacturing requirements, contact our Brisbane Team:

Ph: 07 4622 5656


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