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Sharpe and Advantage Products Inc.

Sharpe are currently co-developing completion and artificial lift tools with Advantage Products Inc. (Alberta, Canada) that are specifically designed for local CSG operating conditions. The Advantage Product’s range of tools allow Oil & Gas Operators to maximize production and efficiency from their operating wells.

The range of tools include:

  • Single Blade Torque Anchors (TorqueStoppers™)
  • WearStoppers – Sucker rod tool joint guides
  • PCP Stabilisers
  • TorqDrive™ Drive Heads


The above listed tools as well as others in the development phase, assist oil & gas operators by improving efficiencies and reduce the number of times an operator needs to undertake a costly work-over. The production tools are currently being stocked at our Brisbane warehouse and available ‘off the shelf’ for local operators. Sharpe are an authorised agent for the sale and service of the tools and are finalising an agreement that will allow Sharpe to manufacture some of these tools in our Queensland facilities.


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