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API 6A Quality Investment

Sharp® is proud to announce American Petroleum Institute (API) Certification for our Brisbane manufacturing facility at 52 Yarraman Place, Virginia, QLD.

Following considerable investment and a recent external audit of our Quality Management System (QMS), procedures and manufacturing methods; API awarded Sharpe® a manufacture, repair and remanufacture scope covering both API Spec Q1 and API 6A. For more information on our scope visit <API Certs>.

In close consultation with key customers, Sharpe® Brisbane initiated API Q1 and 6A certification in 2019 with the aim of remaining at the forefront of the manufacturing industry here in Australia. API is widely regarded as the highest level of quality accreditation across the Oil & Gas industry. API 6A, 21st edition is a product specification that covers wellhead and tree equipment.

Building local capability and capacity around API 6A products and complimenting Sharpe’s existing API-5CT and 7-1 certifications will mean oil and gas producers can rely on a local supply chain to produce API monogrammed products within the desired critical time frames.

Given that Queensland alone has had upwards of 5,000 Coal Seam Gas wells drilled with an estimated 1,500 new wells coming on line each year, there is considerable scope to remain part of a successful industry that represents more than 90% of the total gas produced in the state. Sharpe’s new quality accreditation will also allow us to manufacture components to support interstate Oil & Gas well infrastructure as well as offer monogrammed well head products to our established client base in PNG, New Zealand and across the Asia Pacific region.


Peter Sharpe, CEO of Sharpe Engineering, commented that “Our aim has always been to build a business with a reputation for quality. We strive to continue to produce quality drilling and pressure control related products and build customer satisfaction, this will allow us to continue to generate employment opportunities and encourage industry growth fuelling the local economy”

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