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VMC-2100 Machining Center

Sharpe® have recently commissioned a new state of the art Microcut VMC-2100 Four Axis Machining Center at our new Virginia Facility. Procured in late 2017, the new machine promotes our “just in time” manufacturing offering for clients in the local resources and minerals sectors.

The VMC-2100 is our largest machining center. Weighing in at over 22,500kg It boasts a BT50 taper spindle, 2.4m long bed, 500mm 4th axis rotary table with large through hole, Z Axis riser blocks for drilling and milling of taller components as seen in oil and gas work.

Sharpe® have also invested in the complete Renishaw workpiece probing and tool setting system. This used in conjunction with our existing CAM (computer aided machining) software will allow us to enhance the accuracy of machined components and reduce setup times.

Overall the VMC-2100 enables efficient milling, drilling and tapping of custom drilling and completion tools with extensive milling operations. Typical products that will be manufactured in the VMC-2100 include stablisers, lift nubbins, jetting subs, torque anchors, tubing / casing heads, casing / tubing hangers, DSA’s (Double Studded Adaptors), Wellhead accessories ETC.

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