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Product Launch: Sharpe’s Fully Integral Side Entry Sub

Sharpe Engineering has developed a process which allows us to efficiently manufacture Fully Integral Side Entry Subs. The sub has undergone successfully trails on rigs operating on CSG wells and internationally on shale production leases.

Key benefits of Sharpe’s Side Entry Sub include:

  • Manufactured from 1 piece of customer specified material grade (generally AISI 4140/4145 alloy steel )
  • Suitable for onshore or offshore application
  • The side entry sub is manufactured with a customer specified ID/OD in a box by pin configuration
  • Rotary Shoulder Connections options include API, BTC or premium connection to match the drill pipe
  • The side outlet is most commonly supplied as a 2” 1502 union
  • Ample room on Tong Length allowing for repairs to threads
  • Supplied on timber pallet with thread protectors for safe transportation including international freight. 
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