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Sharpe gains API certification

Sharpe Engineering has gained API Spec Q1 certification.

“API Spec Q1 defines a superior Quality Management System applicable to all activities performed by Sharpe Engineering, therefore, from initial contact to shipment and beyond, Sharpe Engineering’s processes have you covered,” Sharpe Engineering quality manager Des Wilms says.

“The company opted for Q1 certification, knowing that our processes and drive for continuous improvement, will result in consistent quality products and service,” Wilms explains.

“People are coming to us now before they go elsewhere, so it’s quite important for them to have confidence that they’re getting quality products all the time.

“There were other less costly options open to the company by attaining product licencing only. The decision though to include Q1 certification, engaged all employees, transforming a great company into a market leader. It’s had a big impact on the company, and positions us for long-term and successful future.”

Sharpe chief executive officer Peter Sharpe says, while the Q1 certification was hard to achieve, it was an important step for the company.

“A lot of companies simply can’t get this certification, so it is an important recognition of our level of service,” he says.

“We’ve gone further than just ticking the boxes because we want to provide the best service possible to our clients.”

The quality system installed as part of the Q1 certification makes it easy for Sharpe to analyse how work is progressing within the company

Sharpe has more certifications and licences than any other company in its scope of activity in Australia. On the east coast, Sharpe is the only company to boast Q1 certification as well as product certification.

“There’s a bit of peace of mind for our customers that they know that we’re being audited on a yearly basis as opposed to a three year audit cycle of a product licence.” Wilms says.

“Our customers can now be confident that if you want quality, you need Sharpe Engineering.”

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