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Sharpe Strengthen Relationships with International Tubular Partners

Sharpe continue to work with a number of international strategic alliances who provide thread technology proven across the International Oil & Gas industry. Thread technology engineered and proven internationally can be adapted to local operating conditions on tubing, casing, drill pipe, heavy weight drill pipe and drill collars.

Sharpe’s Partners Include:


NOV Grant Prideco

Sharpe work closely with NOV Grant Prideco, the market leader in manufacturing of drill stem products. Sharpe’s Roma facility currently holds NOV Grant Prideco licensing to machine XT, HT, HT PAC and GPDS connections on a large range of drill string components.

Local drilling contractors run a range of NOV Grant Prideco tubular products on rigs throughout the region, all of which can be serviced at Sharpe’s Roma facility. Sharpe also represent NOV Grant Prideco as a preferred re-seller of their products in Australia, PNG and New Zealand.

For more information on NOV Grant Prideco check out:


Mo Tubular Supply Australia Pty Ltd. (MetalOne)

As a licensee of their casing and tubing connections, Sharpe promote MetalOne’s premium FlushMax, SuperMax, IntegMax and GeoConn threads to oil & gas operators across Eastern Australia.

MetalOne’s thread range is both flexible and adaptable to changing market needs and assists engineers in their continued drive to improve well design efficiencies.

MetalOne’s commitment to the local market was evident recently when a local CSG Operator committed to run a purposefully designed IntegMax thread. MetalOne committed to the job by deploying technical operations engineers and design engineers from Japan to supervise the casing run. The visit of the MetalOne team allowed their engineers to visit Shape in Roma and Brisbane as a local licensee for their products. The project was supported by Sharpe who supplied the operator with OCTG accessories (pup joints, crossover subs, stabbing guides and lift nubbins).

Sharpe continue to grow a strong relationship and support Mo Tubular Supply in the local oil & gas market. For more information visit


Sharpe’s Business Development team have made an increased effort in recent months to travel to rig locations and understand firsthand the changing requirements and restrictions of downhole products we supply to operators and contractors. Sharpe is committed to ensuring sustainability through the ongoing supply and servicing of tubulars equipment and education on correctly handling practices to improve the life of the product.



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