Drilling In

Sharpe Engineering has set a new company record for the longest drilling job on our SIG deep hole drilling machine.

The 5 metre section of round bar was drilled out to create a drill pipe pup joint for a major oil and gas customer.

While the 5 metre section sets a new in house record we’re confident the SIG can drill up to 6 metres at capacity.

The dedicated deep hole drilling machine allows Sharpe Engineering to achieve highly accurate depth-to-diameter holes beyond what conventional machines can reach.

The deep hole drilling process uses special tools to deliver high pressure coolant to evacuate chips cleanly and achieve precision diameter bores.

The SIG deep hole drilling machine complements other state of the art equipment at our Virginia manufacturing facility.

Want to know more, follow this link – https://sharpeengineering.com.au/services/deep-hole-drilling/


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