Casing Accessories

Sharpe is an industry leader in the manufacture of custom OCTG casing accessories for clients across the resource and energy sector. Sharpe is authorised to apply the API monogram to manufactured items that fall within the API Spec 5CT criteria. Both API and proprietary casing connections are fully gauge, manganese phosphate coated and have plastic/steel thread protectors installed prior to dispatch to the customer.

Sharpe’s range of Casing Accessories includes:

Sharpe manufactures a casing hanging systems that allow for multiple casing trips of the production casing string that can be hung from the bottom of the surface casing. The system runs a three-part system – Outer Casing Hanger, Inner Casing Landing Joint and Running Tool providing a simplistic latching mechanism designed to provide positive latching and ease of uncoupling when the string has been landed. The Sharpe Hanger System was designed for mine de-gasification applications but lends itself to customisation for various other applications.

  • Available in multiple casing sizes, configurations and thread types
  • Engineered to ensure maximum safety and operation
  • Simple and reliable latching operation
  • Torque through latching system for casing make-up
  • Positive stop landing point
  • Reduced costs through reduced production casing string length
  • Safety latch design to prevent accidental unlatching
  • Field proven performance

A Casing Pup Joint is a short length of joint (smaller than range 1 in length) with threaded ends used to make up a string of tubing to standard length from bottom of well to the tubing hanger in the wellhead.

Sharpe’s Pup Joints are made to order and come in a range of OD sizes, weights (standard or heavy wall), and grades (J-55, N-80). Pup Joints are commonly available from stock in 2′, 3′, 4′, 6′, 10′, and 12′ lengths.
Sharpe’s pup joints are manufactured in accordance with API 5-CT or to a customer specification.

Casing and Tubing Crossovers enable the connection of two components with differing thread types or sizes as part of a casing or tubing string.

A drift is a precision-machined cylinder that is pulled through casing / tubing or accessories to qualify proper internal clearance, ovality and straightness of the tube. Drifts are generally manufactured in steel, aluminium, nylon or other non-metallic material.

Sharpe’s drifts are manufactured in accordance with API 5-CT or to a customer specification.

Sharpe holds proprietary designs to multiple casing foot clamps used on mineral style drilling rigs in order to effectively clamp casing joints whilst running casing. Our integral foot clamp assembly designs come complete with hydraulic cylinder linkage bar designed to fit flush in to drilling rig table.

Replaceable slip ramps designed to suit a range of brazed clamp jaws manufactured to clamp all standard size casing OD’s. Current configuration is to suit casing OD’s from 5in to 20in.

All foot clamps are Fully assembled, NDT (mag-particle inspection of welds), Engineering (RPEQ) certification and proof load tested to meet a designated W.L.L (Working Load Limit). Design can be scaled/ modified to suit specific drilling rig or application and Sharpe stock critical spares.

Sharpe designs and manufactures casing cement heads used in oil and gas wells for cementing application, pumping slurry and releasing cement plugsWe offer reliable cement heads in various sizes to match casing size and threads and pressure ratings to suit.  

A Casing Drive Sub transfers the torque from the rotary top drive to the top of the casing string. The drill pipe top connection is generally matched as a box and the bottom casing connection is a pin with manganese phosphate applied to better enable multiple make/ breaks with your casing string.

Sharpe Engineering manufactures a range of drive subs designed to minimise wear and damage to the casing connection and the drive sub connection.

Sharpe also manufactures ‘spinner’ style haul nubbins and standard certified lift nubbins upon customer requests.

Float shoes are manufactured to be made-up to the bottom of a casing string a float shoe contains a check valve (back pressure valve) that prevents reverse flow of cement slurry from the annulus into the casing or flow of wellbore fluids into the casing string as it’s being run. 


The internals of a float shoe are designed to be drilled out if the well is to be deepened beyond the casing point. The non-rotating feature reduces drill-out time.  

A Float Collar is made-up as part of the casing string near the bottom, generally one to three joints above the float shoeThe float collar is designed to provide a seat for the cement plugs, the bottom plug pumped ahead of the cement and the top plug behind the full volume of slurry 


The casing is then retained inside a small portion of the cement slurry that may have become contaminated as the top plug scrapes the inside of the casing. They provide a seat for the cement plugs, the bottom plug pumped ahead of the cement and the top plug behind the full volume of slurry. Once seated, the top plug shuts off fluid flow and prevents over-displacement of the cement. The space between the float shoe and the float collar provides a containment area to entrap the likely-contaminated fluids from the wiping action of the top cementing plug, securing the contaminated fluid away from the shoe where a strong cement bond is of primary importance. 

Landing Joints are a custom length casing joint that are attached to the casing hanger running tool. This allows the lowering of the casing string and the casing hanger into the well head. Sharpe commonly manufactures landing joints to a customer desired length in standard casing sizes, 5.5″, 7″ and 9 5/8″.

Centralizers are devices fitted with hinged collars and bow springs help keep the casing or liner in the centre of the wellbore to help ensure an even placement of a cement around the casing string 

Spinning Haul Plug / Nubbins are used for running and handling of casing joints and casing tools. They can be threaded to match that of the casing string. All Spinning Haul Plug are engineered, load tested and have certified lift ratings.


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